The Process Dilemma

Most modernized companies have constantly searching for the golden process that will optimize productivities among their teams. Usually through different experiment and trial and error – hoping to find the right combination of methodology, tools and training that will objectify the team’s optimal output. I have worked for and collaborated with many companies and teams across my professional career, and from what I have observed, most of the time had failed miserably.

It took me a long time to figured out and understand why have proven project processes and methodologies failed. Although there are some successful outcome, but the fail rate far exceeded the expectations. What I have came to realized that every process at the very core has one commonality – People. To me, people at any organization is the greatest asset. Human has the ability to adapt and evolve, on the other hand, human is also temperamental. This makes any process or boundary challenging, because human as a resource is a double-edged sword, a variable – make or break a process will always centered around the people. I’ve found the approach of implementing any process should always start with the people. Specifically understanding each individual team member’s challenges and roadblock. Once all of that have been addressed, the entire team basically start out on even ground. That is when evaluating and implementing any process or solution the best. Anything that is build on a solid foundation will always be the strongest, and have an optimal balance that can scale to any team. It is no different in Project Management.